Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hello Dave.

This is Dave.
He played football with Mayor Bell at The University of Toledo back in the day. Now he makes BBQ. Really, really good BBQ. This is Brisket. So tender you don't need teeth.
Check out his self-contained mobile BBQ-rig; it's even got on-board hot water and a Coke cooler. Here's the back side, complete with separate wash sinks to keep those pesky health inspectors happy:
Here's some of his trophies and sauce. That's one of his many auxiliary BBQ's in the background:

Here's a front view of the whole operation, including the chicken grills on the right. Note the guys just hanging out batting the fat. Experts will tell that's how you find a good BBQ place; look for a bunch of old guys -non employees, preferably fat- just hanging around, doing nothing. Everyone needs heroes.

I would have gladly paid twice the price:
It was hot and humid the day I visited, 95 in the shade easy. But that only added to the experience.You can find Dave on St. Route 703 (AKA Celina Road) in St. Marys Ohio.
Here's the link to Google maps, if you can't find it on your own with this, you just don't like good BBQ.

Tell him HAL sent ya'.