Sunday, April 20, 2014

O Nacho Daddy, Nacho Daddy! Wherefore Art Thou Nacho Daddy?

Why must you tempt me with bushy brow and grotesque nose? It's been years since thou left, our summer now devoid of tamales prepared in the back of a questionably modified Recreational Vehicle. Damn thee lowly health department infidel who cannot see past your distended tongue, nose ring, and curiously tiny cowboy hat.To them, your outer beauty and likely toxic paint are but a curse, an impenetrable shield to ward off those unworthy of  the product of your loins.
Oh Nacho Daddy, know that the late-night nourishment demands of Northwest Ohio/Southeast Michigan may have not gone unfulfilled, but alas, its hearts have.

Friday, October 18, 2013

R.I.P. Freezer Theater: Footnote in Detroit Hardcore History Erased

Small, smelly, and entirely illegal, the Freezer Theater was one of Detroit's finest entertainment venues. 
Located at 3958 Cass in Detroit's then notorious Cass Corridor, the former Freezer Theater has been demolished. Those who remember the place will likely be surprised it stood this long. Over a short period of time from late 1981 through 1982, the converted/abandoned storefront served as the centerpiece of the burgeoning Midwest hardcore scene, hosting a virtual who's who of hardcore on its D.I.Y. stage: The Necros, Negative Approach, The Misfits, Bored Youth, Dig My Fez, McDonalds, Harold, Minor Threat, Youth Patrol, Bill and the Bondsmen, Riot Squad, The Meatmen, The Fix, Whipping Boy, Fate Unknown, Itchy and the Gerbils, and Coleman's Young Raiders. As long as Rayis Bros Carry out is still standing, I'm good.

Hat tip to Curbed Detroit.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Frosty Toledo Landmark Defies Climate Change.

Climatologists, global warming researchers baffled by Toledo structure.

The last decade may have been the hottest on record yet, but don't tell that to the residents of this cozy abode located at the the corner of Monroe and Douglas Streets in Toledo, Ohio. Despite years of polar cap destroying climate change, this fine home remains virtually unchanged from when it was first constructed in the early 1600's by Eskimos of the Ninilichik tribe. A traditionally nomadic people, the Ninilchik tribe settled in the area after opening the first Barry Bagels location on the then barren Westgate Tundra.   
While research is ongoing, many scientists credit the anaolmy to the legacy of the little ice age of the Trilby Region, a period marked by... continued

Monday, July 1, 2013

Paying Homage to the Fromage at Boss Mouse.

A few stills from our recent visit to Michigan's finest purveyor of delicately aged dairy products and long time PDGB Northern bureau H.Q., Boss Mouse Cheese.

Check out a video from a past visit here.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Eighties - I'm Living for the Eighties

Turns out the eighties never ended; they've just been dozing in my garage.

You'd never guess it judging by the enormous amount of 80's era detritus I've accumulated, but I was more than ready to move on to different pastures by the time the decade came to a close. Witness here toke!'s 1984 Rabbit Convertible, complete with ninety-six cassettes of garage, punk, and post punk sonic goodness resting on the boot. Got a bad-ass Blaupunkt in the dash, beeotch. Check the faux walnut grain veneer of the pair of genuine 1980 Technics SLB-1 floor standing speakers resting in the back seat; although just there temporarily, they fit the theme nicely. Waddaya say we pickup some Frusen Glädjé and pop a copy of Repo Man in the Betamax?

toke! lost his storage space, and finding a home for all his stuff has been a heartbreaking and soul crushing experience.