Sunday, April 25, 2010

Free-Range Art of the Toledo Region #2

Rise Above
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Mission statement successful. Artistic consistency and vision, not so much. New York it ain't.

opposing view:

Annihilate This Week

I've long marveled at just how succinctly suburban burnouts managed to condense the collective works of the Beat Generation and the cultural revolution of the 1960's into two catchy little words: "Do Bongs."
And who is this "Rich Wash**(type faded)**?" Does he in fact, "Do bongs?" Or is this simply a communique of encouragement to Rich from peers and well-wishers?

Each year, there's an approximately two week-window when the intimate details of Perrysburg's municipal drainage system are in full public view. Not yet obscured by the overgrown foliage of Spring, yet free of the perspective-impeding leaves, ice, and snow left behind from the previous seasonal cycle. I caught this full-frontal graffiti installation display Friday of this week, and even after a close inspection, I'm baffled as to it's date of origin.

Could this be an artifact from the golden-era of the early 80's Perrysburgian punk empire, when Messrs. Montgomery, Groch, Bella and the Brothers Gumpf (and Roger and that other kid who I can't recall the first or last name of) ruled the punkdom with clenched fists and open beverages? Or Is this Black Flag tribute simply the current product of a momentarily disenfranchised youth with a can of spray-paint, just dabbling in delinquency before heading off for a four-year academic enlistment in Columbus?

-Photo details
Where: US 20 in Perrysburg, under the southbound lane directly in front of Kroger.
When: 4/24/10
What: Sony Ericsson phone/camera