Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Found Toledo #1: Toledo Steel Products

Toledo Steel Products Neon Clock.
"Makers of Fine Automotive and Aircraft Parts."
Spotted while cruising the vendor aisles at the Fall Carlisle Swap Meet.
Asking price $650.00

From the comments:
Fill me in on the fencing dude? Was that some sort of logo for the city or for Toledo Steel Products? Was fencing big in Toledo? -- Dave Martin

Blogger Toke! said...
@ Dave Martin: Yes Dave, before skateboarding and punk rock, the streets of Toledo were littered with roaming bands of disenfranchised youth, often engaging in impromptu fencing duels to settle turf disputes. The penalties for appearing in public without a mesh face-guard were swift and severe. But once Barry mail-ordered that Germs record, the fencing scene just died.

Actually, it was just a continuation on a theme started centuries ago in out sister city, Toledo, Spain.

From Wikipedia: Toledo steel, known historically as unusually hard, is from Toledo, Spain, which has been a traditional sword-making, steel-working center since about 500 BC, and came to the attention of Rome when used by Hannibal in the Punic Wars. Soon, it became a standard source of weaponry for Roman Legions. Toledo steel was famed for its very high quality alloy, whereas Damascene steel, a competitor from the Middle Ages on, was famed for a specific metal-working technique.