Friday, October 18, 2013

R.I.P. Freezer Theater: Footnote in Detroit Hardcore History Erased

Small, smelly, and entirely illegal, the Freezer Theater was one of Detroit's finest entertainment venues. 
Located at 3958 Cass in Detroit's then notorious Cass Corridor, the former Freezer Theater has been demolished. Those who remember the place will likely be surprised it stood this long. Over a short period of time from late 1981 through 1982, the converted/abandoned storefront served as the centerpiece of the burgeoning Midwest hardcore scene, hosting a virtual who's who of hardcore on its D.I.Y. stage: The Necros, Negative Approach, The Misfits, Bored Youth, Dig My Fez, McDonalds, Harold, Minor Threat, Youth Patrol, Bill and the Bondsmen, Riot Squad, The Meatmen, The Fix, Whipping Boy, Fate Unknown, Itchy and the Gerbils, and Coleman's Young Raiders. As long as Rayis Bros Carry out is still standing, I'm good.

Hat tip to Curbed Detroit.