Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Eighties - I'm Living for the Eighties

Turns out the eighties never ended; they've just been dozing in my garage.

You'd never guess it judging by the enormous amount of 80's era detritus I've accumulated, but I was more than ready to move on to different pastures by the time the decade came to a close. Witness here toke!'s 1984 Rabbit Convertible, complete with ninety-six cassettes of garage, punk, and post punk sonic goodness resting on the boot. Got a bad-ass Blaupunkt in the dash, beeotch. Check the faux walnut grain veneer of the pair of genuine 1980 Technics SLB-1 floor standing speakers resting in the back seat; although just there temporarily, they fit the theme nicely. Waddaya say we pickup some Frusen Glädjé and pop a copy of Repo Man in the Betamax?

toke! lost his storage space, and finding a home for all his stuff has been a heartbreaking and soul crushing experience.