Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Legendary Cobo

The Legendary Cobo from Douglas Akers on Vimeo.

Just as the highly anticipated Grande Ballroom doc "Louder Than  Love" has (finally!) started appearing on the film festival circuit, the makers of an equally exciting and long-brewing Motor City-centric project have turned to kickstarter in search of funds to turn their vision into reality. Picking up where the the Grande, Cinderella, Eastown, and other legendary Detroit concert venues left off, Cobo Hall not only supplied the ambiance for live albums from Kiss, Bob Seger, Hank Williams Jr., and more, but also provided the stage for Martin Luther King to recite his "I Had a Dream" speech months before the Washington D.C. version. But that barely scratches the surface of the Cobo story. For complete details, check out the official website here: The Legendary Cobo
Faces, Cobo Hall, September 6, 1976

"We used to make Cobo Hall feel intimate. It has a really good sound in there. That was the epitome of our playing in Detroit; it never got better than that. There was just something magic about that place." IAN MCLAGAN


Legendary Cobo said...

Thank you very much for sharing our project!

Anonymous said...

Where's the cOmpleted movie?