Monday, January 16, 2012

Does This Sash Make Me Look Fat?


Random photo snapped at the 2013 North
American International Auto Show(NAIAS)in
Detroit Last Week

So wait, when did Bibendum get so svelte? This photo is evidence that the following conversion actually took place in an office somewhere:
"Uh, yeah. I've been meaning to bring this up. You know Bibendum? Our century-old, illustrated pneumatic cartoon mascot-The one that's supposed to represent big round inner-tubes? I think he's too fat-it's just not in tune with the message that we want to send. I mean who wants to be represented by a fat person?"
Well Mr. corporate executive, I can think of numerous successful entities currently subscribing to the "girth gives birth to mirth" ethic. Here's one you might've heard of, right off the top of my head: Christmas. Not to mention Bob's Big Boy, FAT Wreck Chords and maybe last but never least, Fat Tony's out on the Vineyard.

The old adage remains true: "Never trust a skinny butcher,  barber or tire salesman."   The lone exception of course, if said butcher, barber or tire salesman's name is always prefaced with the word "skinny." As in, "c'mon  kids, we're all going over to skinny Dave's for haircuts. Then I'm gonna' get a new set of Michelins from skinny Bob at the tire store."  Bonus points if the individual is in fact, obese. But I digress.

I expect this kind of shortsighted nonsense from American companies as they flail desperately at ideas while they fight their way to the bottom. But from the French -the world's premier practitioners of the butter and cigarettes lifestyle- this type of deranged lunacy is inexcusable.

I'll take my Bibendum classic style, thank you:

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