Monday, April 26, 2010

4.29.69 MC5 at the FireHouse, Toledo, Ohio

By all accounts, Jams were kicked out. Allegations regarding the abuse and mistreatment of jellies, chutneys, and dairy-based spreads continue to trickle in.


GeekFelix said...

Hell Yes! I was there - the next week I also saw Procol Harum At Friar Tucks in Maumee with The Villagers as the opening act.
A month later Uriah Heep performed at the Betsy Ross on Secor. I'll always regret that I missed that one - my pals all said that Pat Paulsen was the warm up act.

Toke! said...

Then you probably remember Cactus with Fred Travalena opening at Elmer's on Monroe Street. The crowd went so berserk the basin wrench and sewer snake display over at Marleau Hardware got knocked clean off the wall.