Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lemmy: The Movie

After the Apocalypse, only Lemmy will remain. And millions of cockroaches, all in tiny Motorhead T-shirts, contentedly schlepping his bass rig to the next gig.
Loved by many, hated by none, feared only by dilettantes and poseurs who run the all too real risk of having their little rock'n'roll charade exposed in light of the brutal honesty and uncompromising dedication with which Lemmy has lived his life. They don't make an app for this shit. Given that, any attempts at a "critical" analysis or dissection of the highly anticipated documentary, Lemmy: The Movie, would simply be a waste of breath. The film debuted this week at SXSW 2010 in Austin Texas.

Question: Who remembers the the Ozzy/Motorhead posters that hung for years in the Ontario St. window of Toledo's Pythian Castle? Ozzy's "Blizzard of Ozz" tour hit the Toledo Sports Arena on May, 10th, 1981, and the posters remained in the Pythian windows until maybe the early 90's. According to the 06/28/81 edition Toledo Blade, the concert did "very poorly" attendance-wise.

Do any PDGB readers have knowledge concerning the whereabouts of said posters today?
How about a photograph of the Pythian Castle that just happens to include the posters?
If you do, Let ol' toke! know pronto!

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