Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Digital TV Transition: Is that us?

I haven't heard a thing. You?

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T.T. Sweetdog said...

I haven't heard word one about this "digital transition" crap till now! I was just getting all set up for a fun filled half-hour viewing of "Joanie Loves Chachi," and when I gave the old on/off knob a twist... NOTHING! A few years ago, I broke down and bought a nineteen-inch (A playa gotta see it!) Magnavox color television from my landlord when the old-lady in the apartment below me died, and when I lay out the Lincolns on flashy electronics, I fully expect the investment to keep me on the ragged edge of technology for years to come. As usual, the do-nothing Washington Bozos and their cohorts in the media don't want the people know what time it is until it's too late.
Pfft, what a waste.