Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shrine on, you crazy diamond(s)

Rarely performed outside the protective cover of temple walls, the "Raised-rear, throttle-plate tickle" is arguably the most provocative of all Shriner secret handshakes.

T-4 days till Shriner Car Day, AKA Memorial Day.

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GeekFelix said...

Hell Yes! This picture goes a long way to explain why Ohio rules and the east and west coast can blow me.
OH is filled with guys like these. They have names like Clem and Stan and you better belive they're long time brothers of the Shrine. Any of these guys can just look at any fun parade vehicle and visualize an exploded carburetor diagram in their mind, troubleshoot, and have the bitch running again in under two minutes.
West Coast Choppers? Chip Foose? Fuck 'em - I'd rather hang with Shriners in Ohio any day. They can build any crazy assed vehicle that their fez-wearing heads can dream up, then wear some crazy duds and blow a mean trumpet while the whole town watches in total awe as they parade down Main street.